Thursday, 29 December 2016

Year End 2016

Well, as many will agree, the year 2016 has been very interesting.
My wife and I are now living in the UK.
Way back at the start of the year when we were still in Cyprus, I became convinced that the UK would be voting to leave the EU. Following the news and usual media sources plus the wonders of sharing information quickly via social media, I knew that BREXIT would be a strong possibility.

In February 2016, we decided to move from Cyprus to the UK. Our travel route was influenced by our two cats. Namely, that travelling back to the UK by air was not allowed, due to the age old system of British airline operators refusing to allow pets to travel in the cabin of any aircraft flying into the UK. Outdated British law with its best intentions of protecting the island from rabies proved a barrier, plus a ridiculous price quote from all air carriers to move the cats as hold luggage. How on earth can it cost four times more to move two cats than two humans?

After some research, it was discovered that pets can fly as cabin luggage with the majority of airlines across the EU except the UK. So, we booked a flight from Cyprus to Paris and carried the cats with us as hand luggage for just EUR40 per cat. On arrival in Paris we then travelled by train to Calais and onwards to the UK via Eurotunnel, being processed by both the Pet Travel Centre and UK Border Service on the French side.

Later we discovered a whole pet travel industry revolves around the problem of pets not being allowed into the UK via air routes as cabin passengers. American tourists and visitors coming to the UK with their pets were flying across the Atlantic into Paris first and then going on to the UK via the Eurotunnel. Many travelling onwards by special taxis coming across or under the channel and being processed by specialist pet travel companies who knew how to get around the problem.

Anyhow, more later. I think I will bring life back into this blog for the year ahead.

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