Wednesday, 17 August 2016

UKRAINE – 25th Anniversary of Independence – The Divorce Dispute.(An analogy)

My thoughts as the anniversary approaches.

On 24th August we will celebrate the 25 years since Ukraine decided to seek a divorce from the old USSR/Russia. In 1991, Ukraine filed for divorce and it was granted by a vote from the people and was recognised as legal by the international legal community. The divorce was later confirmed by a ‘Decree Absolute’. Ukraine was now a divorcee.  Unfortunately the old spouse refused to recognise the divorce and assumed that the marriage was still on going and continued to proclaim to the rest of the world that the two countries were still married. 

The old former spouse continued to cause problems for the divorcee. In 2013 the Ukraine divorcee decided that she had had enough of all this crap and once again clearly demonstrated to the old spouse that is was OVER once and for all. Unfortunately the old former spouse turned violent and grabbed some of the property belonging to the divorcee. This was illegal in the eyes of the international legal community, but the old spouse has never been charged or appeared in a court of law. Since 2014 to this day, the old former spouse has killed thousands of the divorcee family and injured countless others. 

The divorcee has often wondered why the international police and the legal system have not come to her rescue, like in any other divorce dispute around the world. The old former spouse becomes even more violent on a daily basis, yet nothing is being done to stop him. We all know that in most divorce cases, if the former spouse continues to be a problem, the brothers and uncles of the divorcee usually decide to ‘take care of things’ and persuade the old former spouse to ‘move on’ or ‘face the consequences’. As the 25th anniversary of her divorce approaches the divorcee is expecting a further increase in violence from the old spouse. Who will protect her? When will the old spouse be taken to court? Who will deal with the old spouse once and for all?

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