Monday, 16 November 2015

Cyprus - 2 Years On

How time appears to go so quickly. After arriving in Cyprus on 16 November 2013 I have witnessed and created many changes.

The problems in Ukraine were just kicking off in November 2013 and with that wonderful thing called hindsight, I know I made the right decision to move to Cyprus. The situation in Ukraine quickly deteriorated and continues today.

But in those early days it was great to manage our business back in Ukraine remotely. Skype, and
e-mail is all that is required for remote management these days. Some could disagree.

So, after surviving that first Cyprus winter (I had no idea it could get so cold, as for the previous years I had grown use to the comfort of avoiding winters by escaping to Sri Lanka) 2014 proved to be interesting. After deciding to settle in Paphos district among the thousands of other British expats I realised it was such a massive change to life back in Ukraine.

Initially I thought Cyprus would be just a 'rest period' for about 6 months until the situation in Ukraine improved, but I was to be proved wrong. So after 3 months in Cyprus I registered as a resident and recently my wife also did the same. We even formed a new Cyprus registered company.

The really great thing about living in Cyprus is the relaxed atmosphere in both private and business life. Maybe that is why so many British people decide to retire here. Plus the almost constant good weather is a bonus. Everyday business activities are SO EASY compared to life back in Ukraine. In Ukraine the emphasis was always from people trying to stop you from doing something. Conducting any business transaction in Ukraine was always a very lengthy and drawn out process. But like everything you got use to it. So, in comparison Cyprus really is a breath of fresh air. Even when dealing with government organisations life is so easy.

However, the British community will always complain about everything. One of the things that annoys me is when I hear British people who live here complaining about how Cypriots do things.
Banking hours, standards of service, legal system, police, parking, manners and on and on go the moans. THIS REALLY GETS MY GOAT.  British people need to understand that this is CYPRUS and not the UK. Cypriots have control over their own country and it is they who decide how their culture develops and evolves and NOT some foreigners. Brits don't like it when 'foreigners' come to settle in the UK and start making demands, so PLEASE stop doing the same in Cyprus. End of rant.

Admittedly, many Cypriots still fail to remember that since they joined the EU, all residents in Cyprus must be treated equally and favour cannot be  shown to one group of people over another under EU equality laws.

So, here we are on 16 November 2015 and still wearing shorts and sandals and just t-shirts in the warm sunny weather. But I am not ready for retirement yet. I know I still have another 10-15 years of work to do. The future looks bright. Difficult maybe, but still bright and we live in hope.

PS: I/we will always miss our wonderful friends and associates back in Ukraine. But life must move on. We still own property in Ukraine, so we will be going back on visits

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  1. Like you Gerald i love the Paphos pace of life compared to both the UK and Ukraine.
    We don't need to pay any bribes and the whole mentality in Cyprus is , "Come and do business with us , how can we help you ?" , which is such a pleasant change from both of our previous countries.
    i agree that its difficult to start a new life here in Cyprus , without getting the full equity that we created in Ukraine , but Ukraine is Ukraine and in my opinion very little will change in the forseeable future , unfortunately.
    We bought our home here in Paphos just over 4 years ago and like you we still have a home , business and family back in Ukraine , but Paphos is where we are luckily enough to call home .
    Thanks for being here and i look forward to both our families staying in Cyprus for the foreseeable future.