Sunday, 20 September 2015

The British public don't know the half of it.

We have all seen the daily reports on TV about the immigration crisis in Europe.

We have been reminded that many Arab/Muslim countries are failing to accept any Syrian refugees. In fact ZERO have moved to the wealthy Arab states.

I doubt if the British public really know the true situation with many of the Middle East countries.

For example do they know that citizens from UAE, Qatar, Oman and Kuwait are provided with FREE access into the UK at any time. The British government provided this unique opportunity to these countries back in 2014 and continues today.

Yet, these same countries have failed to welcome any refugees from Syria.

While I am on the subject, please spare a thought for those British citizens living and working in the Middle East (or anywhere outside the UK for that matter) who have a Non-EU spouse and family.
They cannot bring their spouse/family to the UK unless they go through the lengthy and costly process of visa applications each time they want to visit relatives in the UK or take a holiday.

So...think about it. For example a British citizen and his Non-EU wife working and living in Dubai must get in the queue at the nearest British Visa Centre and wait to see if the UK Home Office will allow them to travel to the UK, even if its just a short holiday back home to visit relatives.

At the same time in Dubai, citizens from the UAE can simply log onto a web site and quickly obtain a 'Visa Waiver Document', print it off and use it to enter the UK. They do NOT need any visa.

I'm sure the British public will have no idea this is going on.


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