Sunday, 13 September 2015

The British Labour Party from 12 September 2015

Now that the Labour party has elected Jeremy Corbyn as leader, some would claim that the Conservatives will be celebrating as they will remain in power for a very long time to come.

Many Labour MP’s have been quick to condemn and are forecasting a dim future for the party under Corbyn but some are expecting it to be a short run leadership.

Corbyn appears to stand against just about everything including his own party. He has always been a non-conformist. Never held a seat of responsibility and at the age of 66 it might be a bit late to develop new found leadership skills. He has always been an odd ball.

But perhaps it provides comfort for many in the Labour party with Corbyn at the helm, as it will lead to a permanent position of being in opposition; where many would claim Labour belong. They can then continue in the Corbyn tradition of just opposing everything put forward by the government.

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