Thursday, 3 September 2015

Sale of the British Business Club in Ukraine (BBCU)

This week I sold the BBCU.

I wrote my last blog post on the BBCU blogspot. The new owner will be re-launching the BBCU sometime before the end of this year. I'm happy because the new owner is British and has lived in Ukraine for many years and has many business interests.

It brings to an end my Ukraine adventure. It was an exciting and interesting 12 years. During that time I witnessed many developments. From 2002 Ukraine was already launched along a boom period and there was a vibrant business community in Kyiv. I met some very interesting people.

I witnessed the Orange Revolution in 2004/5. I worked with some great people. I saw both the good and the bad about living and working in Ukraine. I met a very special woman called Alina Soloshenkova and we were married in 2007.

Unfortunately, I witnessed the country going from boom to bust. The state of the economy in Ukraine is now the worst is has ever been since independence and we all know its due to the actions of the Russian Federation and President Putin.

I sincerely hope that the people of Ukraine begin to see some recovery in 2016 as they continue along the path towards greater integration with Western Europe and one day become a member of the EU and NATO.

I'm sure we will be going back on visits.

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