Friday, 11 September 2015

Remember British Citizens

During the past few days we have all been amazed by the media coverage relating to Syrian Migrants/Refugees.

Most of us have sympathy with people fleeing from war zones.

It is interesting to see the different ways that EU countries are welcoming refugees (or not as the case may be) into Europe.

The British government announced they would welcome 20,000 Syrian refugees over the next five years.

But.........I cannot help think about the thousands of BRITISH CITIZENS with a Non-Spouse/family who are not allowed to enter the UK. These are the many British Citizens who have been working and living overseas and have entered into a marriage with a foreign citizen, who is not from an EU country. Many of these British citizens have been working all around the world in jobs relating to international development, aid work, education, oil and gas industry, banking, and other industries.

Unfortunately in 2012, the British government introduced a law which restricts the entry of British citizens and their Non-EU spouses/families to the UK, unless the British citizen can show they are in employment in the UK, with an minimum income of GBP 18,600 or GBP 22,400 if they have one child and much more with other children. They must show they have earned this in the UK during the past six months.  The fact that they may have significant income from businesses in other countries is ignored. Moreover, if their spouse is a professional or business owner with significant income, this fact is also ignored and will not be considered by the British government.

Therefore......when these same British citizens, who are sitting watching British TV channels in another country, see the British government making preparations to welcome illegal migrants/refugees (The BBC tell us the language is getting confusing between the words migrants, refugees, people and asylums seekers), they are angry.

Migrants are walking into Europe and choosing where they want to stay. Many want to get to Germany and Sweden and some want to reach the UK. Well, 4,000 will reach the UK each year during the next five years, although the British government claims they will only accept refugees directly from the special camps.

After arrival in the UK these migrants will be given housing, education for their children, free medical treatment and opportunities to improve their lives. Well we all understand this and British people will always help those in need as much as they can. But............

How do you think BRITISH CITIZENS and their families as mentioned above will react to this?

I can recommend a Facebook page that tries to help and explain this situation.

How many of these British citizens are in this situation? I have seen figures around 18,000 per year.


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