Sunday, 30 August 2015

Team Leadership

Many people have asked me about what they think I consider to be  the 'secret behind team leadership'. Well it is easy.

There is no secret.

The best way to help people in team work to achieving their best is to ask them a simple question.
''What is there personal dream/ambition''

It does not matter if this dream/ambition is personal or business related.
Because what really drives people is thinking about the possible achievement of reaching something that will make them feel good about themselves. It could be a dream from childhood or a long standing ambition to achieve something personal.

Team members may be reluctant to disclose these deep seated ambitions. As they will have reserved these dreams for many years.

The secret is to helping people in disclosing these dreams/ambitions so that they can REALLY lead a course to achievement. One which they may never have realised before.

It could be something which is totally miles away from anything business or team related.
But, people have goals which they have deep inside them and only when someone like YOU the team leader provides an opportunity for these dreams/ambitions to come true will they wake up and see that they CAN do many of the things they assume were only dreams.

For example, I have no problem in telling people that one of my greatest dreams is for my wife and I to be able to dance 'faultlessly' to the song: ''I Wanna Dance With Somebody'' by Whitney Houston. We already danced to this song many times already, but we want to do it PERFECTLY.
It could be something as simple as this for many of your team members.

Help them to achieve want they want to do in life and they will help the team to achieve its objectives quickly.

People have ambitions which you do not know about. Some are simple, some are a little bit more complicated. me. Helping people achieve their personal ambitions and team work ambitions will be much easier.

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