Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Illegal Immigrants Cause Frustration for British Citizens

The recent media focus on the activities of migrants in Calais trying to find ways to enter the UK has brought many issues to be discussed on internet forums, Facebook groups and blogs.

One issue in particular is the frustration of British citizens. I am not talking about British citizens living in the UK, but those living around the world who are trying to return home. These are the thousands of men and women who have found themselves living and working overseas as they followed career and or business opportunities in the USA, Asia, Middle East etc.

Their frustration? Well from what I have read over the past few weeks, it comes in two parts:

1. Frustration with migrants entering the UK illegally.
2. Frustration with the UK 'system' for deny them (British citizens) the right to return home.

The first frustration is based on the sheer anger of seeing people (illegal immigrants) on TV and in online media trying, and some successfully entering the UK via Calais and other cross channels means to just land somewhere in England and claim asylum. British citizens, at home and elsewhere, know too well that once someone gets into the UK and claims asylum, they are there to stay.

We all feel sorry for these people in Calais who have travelled from as far as Africa and Asia desperately seeking a better quality of life for themselves and their families. But trying to gain entry to a country by force is unacceptable.

The second frustration of British citizens living overseas is the fact that they are trying to do everything legally to return home to the UK. The main obstacle is in fact the British 'system' aka the British Government or to be more precise the UK Home Office Visa and Immigration Department.


Because all these British people are married to a Non-EU citizen.
I have read some very interesting stories this week. For example a British woman who has been living and working in the USA for the past 8 years, during which time she met and married an American man. Both are very successful professional people with university education etc.
They decided to move to live and work in the UK.
But here is the problem. The woman can enter the UK as she is a British passport holder, but her husband as an American citizen cannot join her until she can show she has a job or business back in the UK where she is earning a minimum of GBP 18,600 per year. Not a huge figure for professional people, but the second catch is that she must show she has been earning this amount for a minimum of six months before the Home Office will consider looking at an application from her husband to join her.

Think about this. She is married to an AMERICAN citizen. The UK's closest ally. Speaks fluent English, university educated and offers no threat to British society of any threat to calling for any state funds for assistance. The British system is so unfair.

But not unfair to other EUROPEAN CITIZENS. Let me offer some scenarios of how is can be different.

Say a Cyprus citizen gets married to a woman from Thailand. He then decides that they will go to live in England. Under the terms of the EU Freedom of Movement laws, he is allowed to take his wife to the UK without any conditions. He does not have to show any minimum salary in the UK, moreover, he does not have to show he has a job. For the first 3 months he and his wife can go and settle in the UK and claim to be looking for a job. Even if he does not find a job he could claim to be a self-employed person and also claim help from the British system.

A German man can take his Indian wife to go to live in the UK..............you get the picture.

I have been surprised how many of these British citizens married to Non-EU citizens who are in this frustrating situation.

But there is another discovery that I find frustrating and that is the number of so called British NGO's/Charities who are working actively to support ANY immigrant to enter the UK. It would appear that these organisations are willing to attack the British government and are the kind of people found to be supporters of the newly popular Mr Jeremy Corbyn.

I thought NGO's and Charities were suppose to be non-political organisations. One of these organisations Brit Cits claims to help British citizens married to Non-EU citizens but it is obvious from reading their extra activities on Facebook, Twitter and other social media that they are heavily involved in daily attacks on the British Conservative Party.

I understand that the current British system is crazy when compared to the conflict with EU laws, but I don't like the attacks these charities make on a daily basis to try and score points against individual politicians.

But, then again, maybe I am spending too much time on social media these days.


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