Thursday, 21 May 2015

British citizens returning to the UK - Deserve better treatment

I have always been far too busy to take up any causes to support. (Well that's my feeble excuse anyhow). But recently I have taken a great interest into the great injustice experienced by the thousands of British people who are married to Non-EU citizens and how the crazy British system keeps them apart.

So I have launched a Facebook Page to bring this to the attention of the great British public and hopefully get some support to bring about change. here it is: FREE Entry for British Citizens

However, a better way to demonstrate this issue is to show a video documentary produced by Don McVey.

A powerful and moving documentary showing the break-up of families as a result of new British laws introduced in 2012. It is widely known that an EU citizen (Not a British citizen) and their non-EU spouse/family can enter the UK under EU freedom of movement laws. But a British citizen and his/her Non-EU spouse does not have the same rights.
Gethin Jones has been married to his Russian wife for 17 years and they have two children. His Russian wife Elena is still in Moscow and cannot be reunited with her husband and daughters. They own their own house in Wales and Gethin has his own business but has not reached the required income level set by the British government. (See video 06:22 to 11:56)
Sally Piasecki is a British citizen married to Walter an American citizen. They have been married for 20 years, see their story here.
The difference between UK and EU law means that a British citizen and their non-EU spouse can live in ANOTHER EU country but not the UK. The Tanik family is now living in Ireland and has made this their ‘Centre of Life’. Although the documentary does not mention this, they are now following what has become known as the Surinder Singh route, where they will claim the right to enter the UK again under EU law (Freedom of Movement).
Many British citizens who are married to Non-EU citizens will identify with this documentary

See the link to the video here

These laws cannot be allowed to continue.

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